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Analysis candidates in UK
We currently have 36468 candidates registered with who are interested in Analysis opportunities in UK.

Job ad performance
On average, each Analysis job you advertise in the UK area gets viewed 34 times and generates 5 applications.

Candidates and jobs by region
Region Candidates1 Applications2 Job views3
UK 36,468 7,106 47,549
South East 26,290 5,040 30,527
North West 3,237 309 2,870
South West 3,219 256 2,452
West Midlands 2,960 265 1,637
East Midlands 2,548 189 1,448
Yorkshire 2,487 674 4,751
Scotland 1,923 129 1,225
East Anglia 1,851 107 990
Wales 1,200 18 214
North East 1,001 106 1,157
Northern Ireland 266 4 47

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1Candidate numbers relate to searchable candidates in the database who match the selected location and job title.
2Application numbers show total applications for live jobs matching the selected location and job title.
3Job view numbers show total views for all live jobs matching the selected location and job title.

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